Finally! On-Demand Cool Air Exactly Where You Need It

The CoolAir Personal Air Conditioner Helps You Beat the Heat at the Press of a Button. Quickly, Easily, and Maintenance Free!

CoolAir is an incredible personal air conditioner that cools any space on demand. It’s portable, easy to use, and you can get this awesome personal cooling device for 50% Off. Learn More

We’ve all been there: blistering summer heat, and not an air conditioner in sight. Maybe it’s your office, or a room in your house that doesn’t have an AC. Or a guest room at a friend’s house. Or heck, even the bus or train.

Push the Button. Get Cool. Simple As That.

The CoolAir Personal Air Conditioner is exactly what you think it is – a portable, personal air conditioner that is simple to use, and delivers refreshing cool air right where you need it, on demand.

Just plug it in and the CoolAir gets right to work, blasting out cool air. And here’s the best part: it’s so efficient, your phone or laptop battery can even run it! Just use the supplied USB plug, and have cool air anywhere – even outdoors!

A Breeze to Use.

CoolAir Personal Air Conditioner is simple to use. Fill it with water, and start it up. It couldn’t be any easier!

CoolAir also comes with a removable filter that you change every few months (they’re about $10). So if you can pour water and push a button, you can use CoolAir and get icy cool air on demand!

Coolness Never Felt so Fresh

Another great thing about CoolAir is it’s really three products in one. It’s an air cooler, plus it’s a humidifier and an air purifier. You can even get creative and add a drop of your favorite scent to the water and give your space a burst of freshness along with the cool air.

Product Features

If this wasn’t enough, CoolAir also fits your décor. Choose from seven different lighting options to fit whatever mood or space you are in, and change them at the touch of a button. That makes it a perfect, space-cooling night light too!

Where Has This Been Our Entire Lives?

This seems like such a no-brainer product, right? But really, before now, the best “personal cooling” product anyone ever offered was a small fan (gee, can you say “underwhelming”?) It took two German engineers to come up with the technology behind CoolAir, and it’s selling like mad worldwide. There’s nothing like it.

UPDATE: They Are Back In Stock! Get CoolAir for a Great Price Before They’re Gone.

A fresh batch of CoolAirs has been made ready for shipment. And to sweeten the deal and get some viral word of mouth, the company is offering them at 50% off. The summer heat isn’t going away, but with CoolAir, you won’t care!